How LinkedIn works for my business!

I set up my business 5 years ago due to flexibility and being able to spend more time with the family, so I left the Corporate World to do this, I also used to commute into London everyday which took a great deal out of my day, so I started to work from home and set up my own business which helped me to become more productive.

One of my main marketing tools was LinkedIn I hadn’t a clue at the beginning how to use this tool, so I attended quite a few workshops and other networking groups. Time was limited in those days as I was doing nursery runs, school runs and trying to run a business, so technology helped.

Setting Up My LinkedIn Profile

I set up a profile on LinkedIn explaining how passionate I was about my business, then added a profile photo which is highly important. LinkedIn provides a vast set of internal tools for building one’s profile. Make sure you fill out all areas and provide enough value to demonstrate your skills and qualifications in the best possible manner. I then asked many people to endorse me who I had worked with before or who had experience in working with me in my current business. I also asked as many people as possible for a testimonial which is highly important, most employers these days look at your profile like a CV or if you have your own business, prospects, current clients and a old clients will also view your profile. Regular updates to your profile and ensure you include any changes to your business or career, also state in your profile about what you do and ask people what they are looking for, and why you are passionate about the business.

Tailor Your Messages

I then messaged people who I know and some that I don’t know but each message was tailored to that person, would you like to meet up and catch up, explain your business and how it works, can you be of any help, do this to build your network not to gain business. I was lucky to have a Director from a top company who contacted me from LinkedIn at the time and she asked me to do regular work for her, so networking does work. Networking, communicating with clients, prospects is always important and making them aware of you, updating them on your current position but also to find out what they are doing is also important by having a conversation with them.

Post Regularly and Engage in Posts

Add regular posts, whether it is adding articles or adding images I have also found people like images, business related images, people like a personal touch to a post so include business with a small amount of personal and you may receive more likes and comments. Also engage with people that is highly important this helps to increase your network as well as get to know other businesses.

Moreover, LinkedIn launched video updates and they keep featuring that proactively. Recording daily educational videos (or every few days) will most likely receive more attention than standard textual posts.

When you are out face to face networking and someone gives you a business card, when you get home always connect with them on LinkedIn, engage with them and who knows where it will lead, they may help you or you may know of someone to help them.

Join LinkedIn groups and interact with people. Comment on discussions, share topics on your own feed, mention other team members. Most people would be sending invitations every now and then – and don’t be afraid to ask for a connection request after a couple of interactions.

LinkedIn is an incredible tool used in the right way, it can increase your SEO ranking just by updating your posts, adding certain words to your profile. This is why I decided to concentrate on LinkedIn as one of my services and show people how to use it as a networking tool or offer to do their posts for them, especially people who do not always have time to go out and network or are too busy focusing on other parts of their business. It certainly helps me market my business, as well as with managing a family, being healthy and generally gives me a work/life/balance.

I’d love to hear from you and to see if I can help or advise you in any way.  Bettina