I recently did a Social Media Clinic at MyWorkSpot in Maidenhead and found that people really benefited from my training and business experience. The people which attended the clinic were quite varied and it really opened doors to the type of training and people that would really benefit from my expertise and knowledge. I not only helped people with their own business but also people looking for a change of career, people going out in the workplace looking for employment as well as start-ups who have their own business. I set up my business four years ago as a Virtual Assistant and many people started asking me for Social Media to raise their profiles, this has been very successful for them and really helped to grow their business.  After four years I have found that the business experience which I have gained as well as my experience in the Corporate World has really helped people and gave them a good insight into how to apply Social Media Marketing on every platform, not only is Social Media about learning the technology it’s also about how you grow your business and market your business. I also trained people in the past on CRM Systems, so I knew that this experience in training would be beneficial to all aspects of business. I was surprised how many people knew so little about starting up a business or had knowledge about Social Media for business so this started to get me thinking that I would like to run more of these Social Media Clinics.

What I learned from my experience yesterday and what people needed  training in were the following:

  1. To have a good profile always up to date and show that you are passionate and positive about what you do.
  2. Make sure you use the correct keywords which are SEO searchable
  3. Who is your ideal client? Don’t just post about you as a business or potential employee post about what relates to the clients you are targeting or potential employer you want to work with.
  4. Always research a person’s profile before you message them try and find out what relates to you and them and personalise your message.
  5. Add good content, using keywords, Claire Winter from Making Words Come Alive can help you with content for your posts.
  6. Lead generation how to convert a contact into a potential client or customer.
  7. Why are hashtags useful?
  8. How to make your post stand out from the crowd?
  9. Why look at post analytics?
  10. Adding a good photo to your profile?
  11. Is it best to use the stock image or your own photos, great person to help you with this is Pennie Withers from Photosbypennie
  12. Adding a link to your bio/profile?

There were many more questions which related to growing a business and networking which people found useful from my experience.  What I enjoyed the most was helping people benefit from my knowledge it felt very rewarding.  I am currently looking into doing more training for business in groups and 121’s.  I am also wanting to offer a Social Media clinic so if you feel you can benefit from my knowledge and experience please get in touch. We have also set up a meet up every month for people that need help to grow their business and need advice about marketing.