Imagine not having to use business cards at an event or networking meeting, if the people at your event are all on LinkedIn you can connect with them at the meeting by using both methods!

“Find Nearby” Feature

The “Find Nearby” Feature on your LinkedIn App which is a great feature to use for 1st and 2nd-degree connections!

✔Turn on your Bluetooth

✔Accept Permissions required by LinkedIn

✔Enable the Feature

After you have enabled the Bluetooth to feature you will be able to find other people/members on your 1st degree and message them and if 2nd degree you can connect with them and always try if you can to personalise your connections!

The QR Code Feature on the LinkedIn App

Have you tried your QR Code on LinkedIn at a network meeting yet? You can scan and connect with someone you first meet at a network meeting without even having to exchange business cards this all can be done from your mobile phone!

✔1. Go to your search box on your mobile phone!

✔2. The top right-hand side is the symbol for your code

✔3. Scan someone else’s QR Code and it will take you to their profile where you will find mutual connections!

✔4. You can also upload a LinkedIn QR code image from your phone.

✔5. To find your own LinkedIn QR code, tap on “My code.” If you’d like to share your code through iMessage, email, or other apps you can do so directly from this page. You can also save your code to your photos.These are two different ways you can digitally connect without having to hand out a business card!


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