Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool during Lockdown and Covid 19 Challenging Times

During these uncertain times, people are being more visible then they have ever been online now could be the time to start concentrating on the most important aspects of LinkedIn:

Your LinkedIn Profile:

Make sure you have an up to date photo

Look at your banner I tend to use Canva it has the correct size template for your background, perhaps get rid of the scenic photo and add something with an image about you behind the business or your work.

Your headline needs to stand out it needs to be about your ideal client, add a keyword 120 characters unless using a smartphone which can give you 220

When writing your summary start to think about your ideal clients, your why did you start that job or business, look at their pain points and what appeals to your network, adding your key skills.

Recommendations always help start contacting people you have recently worked with and ask them to recommend you, or people you have done a talk for or helped out recently.

Posting on LinkedIn: 

Start showing you are a thought leader in your field, start adding value in your posts, start engaging in your network with those ideal clients.  Try to be authentic in your posts and don’t copy others, look at other social media get ideas but don’t copy!

Write an article, LinkedIn likes you to stay within the platform so if you feel you have more time on your hands write an article, perhaps a story, analogy and incorporate it with your business, or your top ten tips in your business try and write something that helps your network!

Start building relationships with your network and start looking for potential clients you can connect with and build up a rapport with! Be you behind your business don’t try and be someone else, write your profile, posts, articles in first person.

There is nothing wrong in writing a call to action in your posts and it doesn’t always need to be about selling a product or service it can be about your website, free download or steering your audience to your website.

Why not write a direct message to someone in your network and see if you can help them or just see how they are during these difficult times, show people you care about your network on LinkedIn and you are helping people and supporting people!

Now is the time to be online so why not make the most out of it and grow your network as who knows when things are better your network could be the most valuable contacts you have ever made. Organise a zoom call or telephone call and get to know them. 

A strategy can help on LinkedIn and being accountable to build that network and gain business from it but it does take time it doesn’t happen overnight!

LinkedIn Strategy Courses

If you’d like more advice I run a LinkedIn Strategy course or accountability membership for LinkedIn which is a great offer at the moment. LinkedIn Membership 

LinkedIn Membership Group Testimonial with Bettina

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 Wendy White, My Mood Stars

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