Summer Tips for Small Business Owners

Social Media and Holiday Time for Online Marketing

As a small business owner, we are under an immense amount of pressure to take time off and take a holiday. But it is often the case that we need a holiday to stop us from burning out!  The research suggests that almost 1.5 million people in this position in the UK have not been able to take time off over the past 12 months. Nothing is more important than your health and taking a break.

Here are some tips on how to take time off when you are a Small Business and also planning your business in the summer:

✔ If you’re planning on taking time off, make sure you manage your clients’ or customers’ expectations. Let them know in advance if you’ll be out of touch or won’t be open for a while or find someone to cover the work for you.

✔ If you have children who will be around over the summer holidays, balancing your work with spending time with them can be tough.

✔ Hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to relieve you of your workload even if it’s just to cover you and stop you thinking about work whilst you are away or with your children! You could also tell your clients the VA is dealing with any urgent enquires if not can it wait until you get back from your holidays or spending time out!

✔ Taking a break will give you time to recoup and gain your energy again, come up with new fresh ideas, it also helps the business.

✔ Keeping an eye on the weather forecast if at home this will help you plan your time, so you can get on with work chores while it’s raining and give yourself more time for fun when it’s nice outside.


✔ As important as it is to stay switched on during the summer months, it’s also important to take some downtime.

✔ Budget your time to allow for some days off, whether you go on holiday or just relax in the garden. All work and no play will just make you resentful of your business for sapping your time.

✔ Time and time again studies have shown that consumers spend more money over summer, and there are a few ways you can take advantage of that.

✔ While those with storefronts will benefit from the increased footfall over the school summer holidays, especially in good weather, the right marketing can tempt in customers. Whether you’re a shop or a sole trader, summer promotions usually go down well.

✔ Schedule your Social Media posts whilst you are away or outsource it, but also during the summer months, it can be an ideal time for promoting new products or services.

😎 I hope some of these tips have helped and you have a fantastic summer break!  I know it’s all different this summer because of Covid, which is why social media marketing is SO important to stay connected and engage online.

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