Mixing the flour, milk, eggs, oil and making sure the pancake doesn’t stick too much to your frying pan, is a talent to making a pancake and throwing it up towards the ceiling and back in the frying pan!! This also applies to get the content right on LinkedIn. I have been doing a great deal of research on LinkedIn over the years and have followed some very influential people on there, like John Espirian and Janet Murray

You need to stand out in your news feed!

  • The native video is good for 2019 directly adding this to LinkedIn. Adding captions as many people do not want to add sound if they are in an office or on public transport. They can also read it quicker than having to listen! Coming across quite naturally is important it does not have to be too polished. Screen sharing is good people like helpful content!
  • Being consistent will help to add one post a day is good.
  • Getting the timing right early morning say 8 am can be when a lot of people are looking at their LinkedIn before going to work, lunchtime say at midday and in the evenings! I have also found most posts tend to find more engagement mid-week as opposed to a Monday and a Friday!
  • The great thing about LinkedIn is that people are polite even if there is a debate going on no seems to be too rude with each other!
  • Tagging people, mentioning people will also help as this will also go into their news feed but don’t overdo it!
  • Hashtags are good but not too many and ones that relevant to the post!
  • The great thing about LinkedIn there are lots of good people on there to get advice from which are amazingly helpful!
  • LinkedIn does recognise spam posts so be careful as this can affect your post going into people’s news feeds!
  • If your post is liked, shared or commented on this is good and will go into other people’s news feeds which is great engagement!

Just like your pancakes as long as your post keeps getting engagement it will stay in the mix, editors can check this on LinkedIn this is why you will see posts that are so many weeks old which does not happen on any other platforms!

The key to getting the right mixture will get your content out there!

  • Your post needs to be slightly more professional than on Facebook and Twitter! You can still give your post personality and humour!
  • Keep them short make them compelling with good imagery!
  • Mix it up with tips, advice, opinions, videos, images and quotes!
  • Timing is key!
  • Review your analytics when it comes to timing!
  • Local events make great content, add the images and upload them to your profile!
  • Most importantly comment on other people’s posts, follow influential people and analyse their posts but do not copy, authenticity is key!

Engage with your industry and community this will certainly help raise your profile!

I don’t know about you, but I love my pancakes with maple syrup and lemon on them so if you get the mix right you should be having a lovely pancake day!