LinkedIn for Success Members' Group in Facebook

Just £15.00 a month

You will join a member Facebook group and will be accountable every month for engaging, doing posts, sending the right message to your ideal clients and gain leads from it. I will help and support people on how to gain outbound and inbound leads on LinkedIn. 

I found LinkedIn Success when I started my business through inbound and outbound marketing!   

  • Do you struggle with getting business from LinkedIn?
  • Do you find it hard to engage with the right people on LinkedIn?
  • Do you regularly post on LinkedIn?

I can help you by being you, being accountable every week to set those goals have a plan for LinkedIn:

  • Posting the correct content
  • Connecting with your ideal clients to gain you leads
  • Getting the right message out daily by using the correct method for outbound leads!
  • Direct messaging people in the right way
  • Helping you with any new features on LinkedIn
  • Giving you lots of tips on building up your profile, adding the correct keywords to optimise your profile to get it found.  

I will provide you with the marketing correct tools by:

  • Providing you with regular demonstrations of each feature
  • Building you a community on LinkedIn
  • Doing research to find those ideal clients
  • I will send out a post every week to make you accountable to achieving those goals
  • Providing you with different templates
  • Responding to all your posts should you have any queries on LinkedIn

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“Everything Bettina Siddiqi has suggested since Monday morning has worked!I’ve posted every day and see the people who have viewed my profile shoot up – my SSI has gone from 36 to 74, but best of all I’ve had three sales and an interested party in the U.S! Bettina Siddiqi – you know your stuff and this challenge has given me the tools to keep going with the confidence I lacked initially. Thank you!” Wendy White 

Click to join now: