Summer Events


The great thing about the summer is everyone is always in the good spirits, the sun is out most of the time people are starting to think about their holidays and there is such a positive atmosphere around us. There are so many different events like Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta, festivals these are all good opportunities to do face to face networking and who knows who you will speak with or bump into some old contacts, new contacts all of which are great to be added onto LinkedIn.

Don’t forget to use your:


  • The QR code on LinkedIn to straightaway connect with people

  • Once you get back home make sure you build relationships with those people which you connected with in person.

Once at home or in the office:


  • Personalise your connection by thinking of the conversation you both had and say it was great to meet you at this event!

Building Relationships on LinkedIn


  • Once accepted send a welcome message and possibly something you may have in common like an article you wrote that may interest that person.

  • If you get a response to send a message a week later saying how you think you maybe able to help them or find common ground between you and them. Do the research on their profile. Do not send any spam or try and sell something!   

  • Engage in that person’s posts not just like your post write a few sentences about that post, wait for a response! Communication and building relationships are key to LinkedIn!

  • These things take time as I explained in a previous post on LinkedIn, I messaged a business for a couple of years and then suddenly, I heard back from them asking if I could train some of there team! Here is the post which I was referring to: 

The summer is a great time to engage, post and keep in touch with those connections to keep on top of people’s minds!


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