It’s that wonderful time year when we all start thinking about how beautiful the blossom is and the flowers of snowdrops and daffodils are coming out in our gardens, parks and woods. It gets people to think about doing a complete de-clutter of their house, a good spring clean up and find all the things that have been lying there like dust over the winter months, that need a good spring clean, yes spring has sprung!

Cleaning your Social Media Contacts/Posts can have a similar effect:

  • The same also applies with Social Media, give your contacts a good look through which ones are you active with and which ones you don’t even message or even know, it’s always good to go through each contact and think is quantity better or quality contacts? Quality is, of course, better it is good to check all of those contacts in your account! If you click on this link there is a quick way to unfollow people on LinkedIn.
  • On LinkedIn newsfeed you can also clear up all those posts you don’t really read, from one person you probably get lots of posts which are not relevant to your business or work! This stops you seeing those irrelevant posts in your news feed, click on the 3 dots on the post and then hide the post, the more you do this the more the algorithm recognises that you no longer want that post or ad in your news feed!

Always have an up to date profile:

  • It’s also good to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date so it’s always fresh and clean in case any new employers or potential clients look at it. This also applies to recommendations keep them up to date and always add any new recommendations as well as endorsements and job updates under your employment history.
  • Keep adding new videos under your summary, uploading media and any new images making it look always up to date, making sure your profile photo is up to date and your keywords on your headline underneath. You never know who looks at your profile!

I hope these tips help and if you do decide to do a contact clean enjoy it, it can be quite satisfying!