How to Plan Content for Social Media Success!

  • Work out a strategy with your client on content, tell stories. This will help guide both content and channel and results in highly relevant material for customers and prospects.
  • Creating content for content’s sake just adds noise. Your first question is: What are your consumers’ needs, and how will your content solve for them in a way that your existing marketing efforts don’t? Are you telling a more emotional story, providing a clearer value proposition, or reaching new consumers?


Which social media platforms could I share on?

  • There are so many platforms out there, so you need to tailor your post to every platform and know where your audience lies, LinkedIn is professional yet extremely relevant for engaging a niche audience.
  • Pick a content strategy that communicates your brand’s core values in a voice that resonates with your audience.
  • Ensure that the content itself is based on your expertise, knowledge and insights. Also, remember that audiences are bombarded with content and have limited attention spans.
  • Make sure your audience is engaged, as the quality of your content is key to driving success.
  • Google can really help with content strategies,  it has all the tools you need, from Google Trends, Google Ad Planner, and Google My Business.

If you need any help with content planning for Social Media and LinkedIn, please do get in touch, I offer workshops and 121s. LinkedIn is my go to for leveraging clients.

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