Want some great tips to stand out from the Crowd on LinkedIn?

If your profile is similar to everyone else’s what do you do to make it stand out from the crowd. To make it a palm tree in a sea of waves here are some ideas which can help!

Try and be Industry specific

✔ Try and be industry-specific if your profile states which industry you are aiming for regarding your ideal client it will help you be more specialised in that area.  It can also make you more visible online, people will take more notice of you once you have decided which industry you are targeting! Your profile needs to be authentic so different from others and specifying your industry can help!

Think about your content

✔ An article on LinkedIn will stick to your profile so even if you wrote an article every 3 months it will stand out on your profile. If you are not ready to write an article perhaps comment on other people’s articles! If you’d rather write a blog you can do this and upload to your multimedia, then tweak the blog and add this as an article! John Espirian wrote a great article about this called Blogs versus articles

Your Multimedia

✔ Your multimedia on your summary is the most visible element to your profile you can include videos, white papers, images and infographics, etc this make it more visible and interesting!

Your LinkedIn Banner!

✔ Your banner behind your headshot can really help by making it consistent to your website or stand out with a great photo, CANVA has the dimensions and template which you can use and upload. Do add your strapline, email, web address! This is also something which will help you to stand out and will make you more visible.


✔ Symbols can also help you stand out from the crowd, for example, I use the tick sign often on my posts and blogs instead of bullet points! Symbols to spice up your LinkedIn

Here are a few tips on content, visuals to help your profile be different from others. If you’d like to join my helpdesk or attend a mastermind session tailored to your business or workshop please have a look through my website HERE