September is a good time to add new contacts to your LinkedIn network! After the summer holidays, with the children going back to school you may be starting to think about adding some new connections?


There could be one problem? Some of these connections are on Premium and you are not!!


EeK! Don’t panic! Unless you are a premium member it can be quite difficult to connect with some high profile members!


👍 Well, you don’t need to worry here is an ideal way to connect with them! 


For example, if your business is HR related you might be trying to connect with the HR Director? The director might be on premium or they have an Inmail so you cannot connect with them for some reason. If you look for the group which this person is more then likely to be in you can not only message them but you can also connect with them!


Here are a few easy steps to follow if you would like to connect with those contacts:


✔ Go to your dashboard on LinkedIn


✔ Click on groups


✔ Find the group 


✔ On the right side, you will see all the members


✔ Expand on the list


✔ Type in the name at the top of the list


✔ Once found click on the person’s name and it will take you into the profile or you can message them!


Building your contacts on LinkedIn is a great way to expand your network and potentially who knows where this will lead!


I hope this tip has helped you with your new contacts/connections? If you’d like me to go through this feature with you do get in touch. 

If you’d like a 121 chat please email me for to arrange a call or if you need further help with LinkedIn my next training workshop is on the 18th September but I am also doing Masterclasses which are 121’s on Zoom or Skype!