How do Lawyers build their client relationships on LinkedIn?

Write a post daily if you can and be consistent so at a certain time of day is good whether it is morning, midday or evening.

Solicitors Posting on LinkedIn!

✔ Post a video of you talking about a success story so how you had a problem and then solved it!

✔ Post content about you behind your role, what you practice if you are an expert in your field or you are looking for an expert!

✔ Let people know if you are attending a law/legal conference, workshop or event, people on LinkedIn are curious and love knowing what you are doing!

✔ If you are working on a case ok, you may not be able to disclose it due to confidentiality, but you could tailor it without mentioning any clients.

✔ Give people tips or expert advice in your field of work!

✔ Re-purpose your posts or repost things which your clients have mentioned!

✔ Social Proof is so important to add a post which is a testimonial from your client this shows people how well you have worked, and it’s got people to know like and trust you. When compiling the post however say why you liked this review tailor it and mention the people you worked with, who was involved and how you enjoyed working with that client!

Lawyers – personalise your connections

✔ When connecting with new clients always remember to personalise the connection and build up a rapport just as you would do at an event or conference it’s no different to online get to know that person.

LinkedIn Training with Bettina Siddiqi

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