Your personal brand presence is important on LinkedIn and can really make an impact on any potential clients or job opportunities. It can not only raise your profile it can also increase your network and get you potential connections for either job opportunities, work opportunities or opportunities to grow your practice! 


Your profile


The most important part of LinkedIn is your personal profile, your profile needs to look professional, your headline needs to stand out and be optimised with the correct keywords, you need a value statement, the headline is120 characters long.


Your about section needs to stand out with your personal brand presence, this is not about your firm but about you and your WHY did you start in your area of work or business, tell your story! It needs to state your area of expertise, your unique presence, how do others see you? How you have worked in doing various projects, received awards, how you have worked in a team or managed other staff! Show your areas of practice what certificates you have in your niche! Add how you have given value within the firm, how you have solved problems for clients and built up relationships!




Add as many skills and endorsements as you can this will help you not only for job opportunities but also for any potential clients or work! Get as many people to recommend you at least 10 or more even if it’s for recent projects you have been working on or a particular area which of your legal practice.  


Building your network


Always personalise your contacts, look at their profile and find something you have in common with them. It might be that you have both been or attended a similar legal event then add this to your message! Connect with other members of your law firm or legal practice, connect with other attorneys! Once you have built up that relationship offer to take the conversation offline and meet up for a coffee. Look at other connections profiles and see who can recommend you and who they can help you connect with.  This will help you to grow your personal network!


Posting content


One post a day is relevant for LinkedIn to add relevant articles for your industry but remember if the article or blog is outside the platform to compile the post first and tailor it to that article in first person. Then to edit it and add the link this all helps with the algorithms and getting it into other people’s news feeds! Do your research and share articles from the ABA journal or or any relevant trends. This will all help to build your personal brand presence in the Legal Sector!   

If you’d like to know more about how to increase your personal brand on LinkedIn I do 121 coachings, can attend your business and do group workshops as well as run individual workshops! My next individual workshop is on the 3rd December in Maidenhead!  Click here for the link: LinkedIn Workshop