The communication on LinkedIn is getting better all the time the option of tagging people in your photos is a great feature and when you add a message and tag that person in the image it really can be good for engagement to posts!


Sharing videos!


Many people share video’s in their posts, but you can also now send a video in your messages this is a great communication feature on your mobile.




A guide to professional communication is by adding your PDF’s, slides to your profile, add to posts or in a group it can really make your profile more interesting or your posts!


You’re, push button!


On your mobile app is even easier to post a message as the button is on the bottom centre of the screen and the message button on the top right!




The hashtags and groups which you are following are on the top left-hand side of your mobile and on your desktop on the top right-hand side! These are good to see which group and hashtag you are regularly part of and again a great way to communicate and be part of a hashtag follow!




Make sure you have the correct audience on your network, connect with your ideal clients!


A few tips to help with your posts:


✔ Post things which encourage response, use emoji’s as bullet points to help you stand out from the crowd!

✔ Think about using a good topic for a post which relates to your business and your audience/network but no sales!

✔ Engage in other people’s posts but not just a like or oh this is great make a comment like you have read the post, encourage engagement going back and forth!

✔ LinkedIn reports it has more than 630 million users on its site and 34 million Business Pages so lots of opportunities for engagement and communication.

If you need any help with LinkedIn I do regular workshops on and offline, offer audits, masterclasses tailored to your business please have a look at my website.