👀 Do you sometimes struggle with finding people in your newsfeed which you really want to engage with daily?


✔ Yes, all the


✔ No, not really


If the answer is yes, then there are a few things which you can do:


✔Firstly, you could unfollow people who you have no interest in viewing their posts, so this clears up your news feed!


✔Secondly, you could save a folder in your Bookmark bar and save that person’s profile which is then easy to click onto the folder and find their profile, I often do this with my favourite profile’s like John Espirian for example who has some great posts!


Here is how to do this:


✔ Open Chrome


✔Once your Chrome Browser is opened, click on the top right More with three dots


✔ Select Bookmarks – Show Bookmarks Bar



How to save people’s profiles to your folder:


✔Right click on Bookmark Bar and add the folder


✔Add and name your folder I called mine LinkedIn contacts


✔Then go to the person’s profile who you would like to add to your contacts


✔Go back to more and bookmark the LinkedIn profile page



🙏 And there are your contacts in the folder which you can click at anytime to find their activity and post which you can then engage with!


If you would like more tip/information on LinkedIn I run Masterclasses, regular workshops, 121’s on and offline!